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Return post, Back in Black

Hey! Finals are a bitch and I had to pull out my pimp hand. And to make up for that I’m going to post every 2  days during these next two weeks because I got a lot to catch up on.

I totally got a follower,

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Alright, so science is what I said I would talking about this time. Here ya go.

But, but, but,

Before I tell ya, remember my warnings about how this stuff can make you an asshole. If you do that you should jump into a high powered ceiling fan. This is why I warned you. The dark side is powerful, and here, I show you how to balance your dark and light together. BALANCE key word there.

Okay, shall we?

The techniques I have discussed are designed to create a psychological response in your, for lack of a better word, targets. The psychological response is based off of the “Dark Triad,” which are three human tendencies that don’t promote community and should have been bred out of society.

They stay, because they are sexually attractive.

Think about it, with bad boys or jerks they should be bad for civilization, but a saying like “Nice guys finish last,” still totally exists.

The three traits are, Narcissism, Machiavellian personality, and Sociopathic tendencies.

Now, these may seem terrifying, and also very different than what I advocate (which is right).

How can confidence, sense of humor, and wit be like that? Remember BALANCE, as I continue to explain.

1.     Narcissism. “Bad Boys” are the kinda guys who say, “Enough about me, what do you think of my shoes?” A really big ego. Making yourself out to be awesome. You know you are the fucking god of this place, and you act it. Alpha Male, is a great term for this idea.

2.     Machiavellian relates to intelligence: “Jerks” make fun of you. They point out your flaws, they make them known. They work to manipulate people to get what they want. They control conversations and they protect themselves with verbal armor.

3.     Sociopathic tendencies: Impulsive thrill seeking. A motorcycle, it’s dangerous and wild but fucking badass. Getting into fights because it makes you feel alive, badass.  

People who present these traits are noticeable, interesting even.

However, you should also know that some of these people suck. They don’t help out and only care about themselves. They are always competing and making you say how much better they are than you even when they didn’t really get a victory. They just like toying with people. It’s annoying, they push you down and hurt you to look good. They will ignore deadlines and go drinking the night before a job interview, push you around and try to fight you.

How can this be attractive? Check the Wing Girls for their example, Link is here


Here’s what the studies say (summarized)

Those individuals expressing these traits are more likely to have short sexual flings because they demonstrate powerful self-preserving instincts. So women would find that their DNA would create strong lasting human beings, which survival of the race is the name of the game. Not quality of survival, just survival.

Take note with what the Wing Girls mention (and if you didn’t just take my word on it), they talk about making these violent battle men into good members of society.

Is that not similar to what your mother told you to do with women? Open up the door for her, be polite, give her compliments, listen to her, comfort her, etc.  

I find that with the appearing dominant strong women culture (which is totally awesome btw, it’s brought in a new sexual wave) has created a push for men to be “nicer” and they lose lots of what women find attractive in a man.

And then those men out there who resist societies’ push and become the Dark Triad incarnate, then have women fall for them left and right and these girls don’t get it. They wonder why can’t a KIND man also be a hot bad boy?

So that’s what my stuff is based on. I did not know that this is what I was doing when I started studying human interaction and how to be persuasive, funny, and interesting. But around freshman year of college I heard of the triad and realized it was the “why” this worked.

I am a great guy. I am not ashamed to be proud of that. I go out of my way to be kind. I know how to express my appreciation for people. I know how to be patient with myself and others.

I’m fucking hot,

I’m wicked funny,

I’m not afraid to defend my honor and those close to me.

I live every day in a way that if I was to be surprised with death tomorrow, I’d be proud.

Look at how I describe myself, look how I studied the art of interacting with people, and look at how I live.

I’m balancing the Dark Triad.

I’ll have a few more lines tomorrow, and I’ll throw in an image too. Today was a bit more serious and I prefer not to make light of the importance of being a good person while you experiment with these traits.

See ya later Grasshopper


Google Dark Triad for fact checking, if  you are interested